Aflac Launch Pad

This work was done as an update to an existing design and application. The work...
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Aflac Site Concept

This work was done as a proof of concept for Aflac. The object was to...
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Aflac Payout Estimator

The Payout Estimator was design to allow users to see how much Aflac will pay...
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Aflac online Software

The Aflac OLS software was created so that Aflac could better serve businesses that provide...
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Aflac Coverage Consultant

This work was done as a proof of concept. The Coverage Consultant is a questionnaire...
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Aflac Testimonial Ads

Aflac testimonials print campaign. This concept served as the basis for a national B2B ad...
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Aflac Packaging Renderings

These are proof of concept renderings for our Aflac clients. I was not involved with...
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